Politz Hebrew Academy, located on the Rose and Morris Caskey Campus, is a constituent of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and believes that every Jewish child has a right to a Jewish education. It has been open to all Jewish children since 1982.

Jewish education has been the cornerstone of our existence throughout our long history. The need for intensive Jewish education is of paramount importance in ensuring our survival as a people. This is particularly true in our contemporary times. We must imbue our children with Torah values so they can take their rightful place in Jewish Society.

The Politz Hebrew Academy (founded in 1982) offers its students a superior secular and religious studies education which aims to enhance the academic, emotional, physical, moral, and spiritual development of each of its students.

Over the years, our graduates have done exceptionally well in Yeshivos and High Schools. Our students have been awarded certificates for excellence in academic studies. They have been awarded scholarships to major universities and many have been accepted, and currently attend, major and prestigious universities in both undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States, and Israel.

The solid foundation that the Academy provides for its students is second to none. Ninety six per cent of our graduates attend post secondary educational institutions. Our students are involved in Arts, Sciences, and Business Departments. Some of our graduates are also involved in Law, Teaching, Architecture, Engineering, Film, Medical and Dentistry Schools (to name a few) and a number are currently attending Rabbinical Colleges. Many of our graduates are currently active in our local Philadelphia Jewish community.

We are indeed proud of all of our graduates and their achievements. They are the proof of our successful formula. We at the Academy are especially proud to have many second generation students.

As the Academy grows, we are determined to maintain its special atmosphere. It is this warm and caring environment that is one of the many positive aspects of the Academy. Each student is number one. The Academy seeks to help each student realize his or her potential. Effective education can exist only in an environment where students, parents, faculty and administration create and maintain open lines of communication. Our entire staff is prepared to assist you in all matters concerning the education and progress of your children.

Mrs. Katz